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Tree Trimming Before
Tree Trimming After



Here are 2 Elm trees located in Lake Dallas, Texas that needed their first trim.  Customer requested that the trees be lifted up and thinned out.  It's can actually see the house now.

Tree Removal
Large Tree Removal
Dangerous Tree Removal
Tree Felling
Tree Stump Removal

Here is a very large Hackberry tree that was located at the Old American Golf Club, maintenance building in The Colony, Texas.  The tree had a large split in the trunk and needed to be removed.  You may notice that there were a few obsticles involved with this removal.  In addition to the large split in the trunk that had to be strapped together (yellow strap), there was a large propane tank, a power line, and if that wasn't enough, the roof of the maintenance building was tin.  So, we had to remove this tree very safely and mothodically.  From left to right, we started by removing the limbs over the tin roof, then moved over to the left limbs over the power line and propane tank.  When we finished, we had a vary large trunk sticking up about 25 feet; we took it down in small chunks.......another successful removal by Tree Masters Tree Service.

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